Partnership with CERN


DAES SA is pleased to announce a new partnership with CERN for our VULCAN project, part of CERN’s Innovation Program for Environmental Applications (CIPEA).VULCAN stands for Versatile Ultra-Compact Accelerator-based Neutron source. This is an innovative instrument for the non-destructive analysis of materials by neutron diffraction. Designed for industrial applications, it will measure the ageing of […]

November 4 – World Common Sense Day

Journée Mondiale du Bon Sens

Have you ever wondered how the marriage of common sense and computer simulation can revolutionize engineering? To mark World Common Sense Day, Florent Beaumont plunges us into a world where every decision is meticulously calculated. Let’s discover engineering from a new angle, where precision meets intuition.

The equation of time

L'équation du temps

While the hands of the clocks are going turn back the clock on Sunday morning, embrace the challenge of daylight saving time with enthusiasm. ⏰ Time to demonstrate our ingenuity in the face of shorter days. Let’s set the clock to innovation and let’s keep pushing the boundaries, even in the dark! 💡

Season’s greetings

We wish you a very happy festive season and look forward to seeing you in 2024 to support you in your projects.

Summer Cocktail

What better way to cool off than with a cocktail? 🍹 Discover our Fluidic Mixology menu: explore the delights of cocktails inspired by fluid mechanics! Previous Next