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Technical Support

Your extended enterprise, on site or remotely

An offer tailored to your business

A team of qualified engineers at your service

DAES mobilizes as an extended enterprise to offer you the support of engineers on your projects, on site or remotely. For an agreed period, a qualified engineer provides you with dedicated technical support, backed up by the full range of DAES expertise.

This approach allows you to manage and finance your project according to your needs, and to fill a gap in manpower, resources or skills.

Our responsiveness is an essential competitive advantage when recruiting new talent, enabling us to respond quickly to the specific needs of our customers and partners.

How does remote assistance work?

Our technical assistance offer is based on the provision of a qualified engineer for a given period. We supply the software and hardware, as well as all DAES expertise.

No commitment is required on your part, and you can suspend or terminate the service as you see fit. Invoicing will be determined on the basis of hours worked.

The benefits:

  • A project under your control in terms of timing and objectives
  • A dedicated, qualified engineer, a team of experts and high-performance software
  • Project management flexibility
  • Competitive costs tailored to the size of your project

Package Study

Reliable, usable results and additional expertise

Tailor-made design of your numerical simulation project

Our fixed-price studies are your guarantee of timely, reliable and usable results, simplifying your project management and enabling your teams to benefit from additional expertise. Our methodology:
  • Requirements review
  • Work package:
    • Project team (Engineers + Technical Manager)
    • Performance of the service
  • Interpretation of interim results
  • Regular monitoring and reporting to ensure that you have full control over the progress of the study, its timetable and the appropriateness of its plan to changes in your project.
  • Post-project services: analysis and study results with full documentation
If required, we can train your teams in the design and simulation techniques used.

POC Corner

A good simulation is worth a thousand words

Project support

In our Proof of Concept Corner, the simulation 2.0 engineer is also a project manager! Are you working on the launch of an innovative new product or service? Moving fast is an absolute necessity. DAES teams combine expertise acquired in scientific research and on industrial projects. Thanks to the simulation, you can share concrete information with future investors, sponsors and customers. Would you like to apply for projects or receive support in setting up in Switzerland? We integrate you into our ecosystem of partners. DAES offers a project support program for your engineering studies, providing key information and guidance at every critical stage of your project: choice of methods and software, model set-up, experimental designs, interpretation of results, etc….


Train your engineers in digital simulation

DAES offers a range of computer simulation training programs for engineers and scientists. The training is based on practical case studies and the wide-ranging experience of DAES engineers. At the end of the session, an assessment is made of each participant’s personal development.

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