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Our partners

Prestigious partners at the heart of Europe and global innovation


The company’s founding members have a historical link with CERN, having worked there. The relationship has gone from strength to strength, and as part of the Alumni network, we naturally enjoy working with its members. This includes scientific projects for research and industry, as well as networking and recruitment initiatives.

DAES is also part of the Cern Knowledge Tranfer (Cern KT) scheme to promote technology dissemination.


Since 2017, our future employees have been contributing to the ITER project as staff.

A few years later, DAES joined the “Home Institutes” and involved international teams of IPAs (Iter Project Associates) in studies and/or project follow-up.

Considered to be the world’s most ambitious energy project, DAES is involved in the project through its teams specializing in simulation technologies, on topics related to the Tokamak and Hot Cells. We are proud to contribute to the progress of this extraordinary project.

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Bona Fide Business is the heart of a premium ecosystem for Swiss and international companies and entrepreneurs. They ensure the success of partnerships and investments in their customers’ business creation, development and acceleration projects.

We call on them for their expertise in setting up contracts, particularly for co-engineering projects, and to help our customers who want to set up in Switzerland. Bona Fide Business provides administrative and strategic support.

We bring technical robustness to the projects of Bona Fide Business customers via our PoC(Proof of Concept) Corner, through simulations, engineering consultancy to demonstrate technical feasibility, and the provision of attractive and convincing visual aids.


DAES and CADFEM Group have been working together for over 10 years.

CADFEM Group is the world’s largest distributor of ANSYS solutions, and DAES is one of its customers. DAES was invited to speak at CADFEM events, notably in Switzerland and France: webinars, CADFEM & ANSYS Forum. For example, we co-produced the webinar multiphysics simulation ANSYS Workbench App M Fem code RCC M.


Seaborg External multiphysics Architecture for Licensing and Ip development of Nuclear reactors

To model the operation of molten-salt nuclear reactors, a complete coupling between neutronics and fluid dynamics is required. This is the vocation of the European Eurostars E! 11837: SEALION The aim was to :
  • Modeling using a multiphysics coupling code, without modifying the coupled source codes (neutronics or CFD).
  • Couple a well-established Monte Carlo code (e.g. MCNP) with a fluid dynamics code (e.g. OpenFoam).

The coupling between these two codes was developed as an iterative process of data exchange between the “database” created by the neutron code and the CFD software.

The SEALION multiphysics code was developed by a consortium of partners including the prestigious Chalmers University, DTU and SEABORG.

The SEALION project has resulted in the development of a library that couples a CFD and neutron code, taking into account thermal effects on the flow while providing the distribution of DNPs (Delayed Neutron Precursors) throughout the flow.