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A Team of Numerical Simulation Experts

On a daily basis, DAES teams contribute to the definition of advanced engineering solutions through equipment and component simulation. Working closely with the customer’s project teams, we take charge of model definition, studies, optimization iterations, scenario analysis and the development of specific tools or methods that can be used for future evolutions. 

Our teams are involved in the study of all physical/multiphysical phenomena : mechanics, fluidics, thermics, optics, electromagnetism, dynamics, seismics… and carry out numerical simulations with ANSYS, ABAQUS to predict a system’s behavior numerically (i.e. by minimizing or even eliminating long and costly physical test phases).

In the words of Cyril Kharoua, CEO of DAES: “At the beginning of my career, we had this saying that nobody believed in digital simulations except the person who did them, and that everybody believed the test except the person who did it… today it’s almost the opposite!”

Your virtual test lab - Advanced numerical simulations

Numerical methods

Develop the digital chain to digitally test and simulate the physics of your systems.

Compliance with standards

Analyze system behavior and verify compliance with standards and regulations

Save time & money

Accelerate your R&D with digital models, while guaranteeing high reliability.

Technical Support

Our expert engineer = your extended enterprise


Customized coaching => From knowledge to know-how

Project support

Workshop, hotline, CoPil => knowledge transfer.

Our digital simulation businesses

From linear static analysis in small deformations to non-linear analysis in large deformations using materials with plastic or hyperelastic behavior, taking into account complex contacts between parts, mechanical analysis is at the heart of our business. The numerical representation of experimental mechanical tests (bending, compression, tension, etc.) in the form of numerical simulations will enable you to evaluate the performance of your products and optimize their behaviour while substituting materials, adding coatings or improving geometry.

Our specialized engineers provide you with their expertise and sector-specific knowledge, using state-of-the-art tools: ANSYS, ABAQUS, Code_aster, etc.


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