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Partnership with CERN

DAES SA is pleased to announce a new partnership with CERN for our VULCAN project, part of CERN’s Innovation Program for Environmental Applications (CIPEA).
VULCAN stands for Versatile Ultra-Compact Accelerator-based Neutron source. This is an innovative instrument for the non-destructive analysis of materials by neutron diffraction. Designed for industrial applications, it will measure the ageing of lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells, as well as residual stresses in solid metal components.
This partnership will develop a custom electron linear accelerator based on CLIC technology, and validate part of the instrument’s design with experiments initiated under a EUREKA-EUROSTARS grant awarded for 2021-2024 (EUROSTARS E!115722 – VULCAN).
This is just the first step in a major challenge that we’re looking forward to meeting.