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Get ahead in your industry with our team of engineers

DAES and its customers are committed to mutual intellectual honesty, valuing each other’s knowledge, addressing each other’s technical and organizational challenges, and supporting each other in achieving their respective goals.
In this context, we are committed to providing the service agreed with our customers, while respecting the work done by our teams, and to building exclusive, long-term relationships, while protecting our customers’ secrets and innovations.
Finally, DAES is committed to building the right team for the right project.
In calls for tender, funded projects, R&D projects, etc. DAES ensures that everyone’s efforts are fairly rewarded and recognized. We strive to highlight the potential contribution of our partners to our projects, because we believe in collective intelligence. At the same time, we recognize the talent of each stakeholder and strive to co-construct the best collaboration scenario, in order to build bridges in our ecosystem.