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Journée Internationale Lego

January 28 – International LEGO® Day

International Lego Day is an annual celebration of creativity, ingenuity and passion for building. Inspired by the infinite world of possibilities offered by Lego, this event transcends borders to bring together creative minds from all over the world.

Alongside engineering, International Lego Day reminds us of the importance of ingenious thinking and problem-solving. Just as engineers strive to design innovative solutions, Lego enthusiasts explore new building territories, constantly pushing back the boundaries of their imagination.

The use of Lego as a teaching tool in the field of engineering is becoming increasingly widespread. Lego bricks offer a unique platform for teaching the fundamentals of design, mechanics and assembly. Children and even adults can learn problem-solving, collaboration and critical thinking skills while having fun.

International Lego Day also celebrates the diversity of engineering applications, reflected in the different Lego collections available. From intricate architectural models to detailed machine reproductions and creations inspired by the fields of sports, medicine and technology, Lego offers a miniature representation of the vast world of engineering.

Finally, this special day invites us to recognize the link between creative play and the development of essential engineering skills. By enabling curious minds to explore, build and deconstruct, Lego becomes a catalyst for innovation and the emergence of future generations of engineers.

In short, International Lego Day transcends the simple pleasure of building colorful creations to become a global celebration of engineering in all its forms, reminding everyone that building, whether with bricks or ideas, is the foundation of innovation.