Identifying critical areas at real operating temperatures, optimizing operation or maintenance, better targeting physical tests, substituting materials, redesigning, limiting post-realization modifications : the solution will be based on iterations that our teams will accelerate by numerically reproducing the product's thermomechanical behavior.

On the basis of the simulations carried out, our engineers then work with the project managers and “product owners” to help you evaluate your system, the PoC, the risk study and the identification of possible improvements to your design project, the design at objective cost according to previously defined criteria.

Our specialized engineers provide you with their expertise and their sectorial knowledge:

  • Numerical and analytical thermal analysis to simulate the thermal behavior of a system.
  • Coupling the results of the thermal analysis with the mechanical study (unidirectional or bidirectional) and the fluid-structure interactions with a CFD analysis.
  • Evaluate the behavior of your products under their conditions of use and optimize their performance by substituting materials, adding a coating and improving the geometry (e.g. optimizing the cooling channels).
  • Finite element redesign and application of digital image correlation.
  • Consideration of all types of heat transfer: conduction, natural or forced convection and radiation but also phenomena such as phase changes or energy deposition.
  • Mastery of the laws of mechanical behavior by considering their dependence on temperature.
  • Solid knowledge of the analysis of the behavior of homogeneous and heterogeneous materials, anisotropic behavior. Such as ceramic, metallic, carbonaceous, composite materials…

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Examples of projects and achievements:

Energy : Analysis of the conformity of equipment dedicated to nuclear applications to the most common design standards (ASME, DIN, RCC-M, RCC-MRx, DVS, EN-13445, Eurocode, etc.), verification of the resistance of equipment and welds, cooling systems performance analysis …

Medtech : Simulation of cooling targets for nuclear medicine equipment (PET scan …) …

Mobility : Thermal shields, behavior and wear of engine components, automotive sensors …

Process : Simulation of the behaviour of refractory materials used in the steel industry and in hostile environments

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