Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your the limits !

Our playground

The practice of sports and the associated performance are pillars of human development. The drivers are numerous and often very personal: health, play, pleasure, reconnection with nature…

Brands and manufacturers of sporting goods never stop competing with each other in terms of creativity to allow new communities of sportsmen and women to combine well-being and performance, and the DAES teams contribute to product R&D through simulation.

We work with materials engineers, R&D, innovation, designers and marketing to accelerate the development of new products while affirming the brand’s signature.

Our expertise

Digitally represent product/human interaction by modeling realistic product stresses, create or reproduce digital mechanical tests correlated with the perception of athletes in the field, predict product performance before the first prototyping phase, propose innovations and optimize the whole to maintain the product’s attractiveness on its market.

Our daily projects:

Material substitution: In the context of promoting the use of bio-based materials with increased recyclability, we accompany our client on the creation of products offering equivalent performance to the original product.

Exploratory projects: In order to realize the PoC of a new concept, we carry out bibliographic studies, physical test analyses to develop the numerical model and establish the correlations.

Design optimization: After the validation of a digital twin of the product, we redefine an optimal design by parametric and topological optimization techniques.

Development of musculoskeletal models to simulate human movements during product use.

DAES 2021 internal R&D: generative design, orthesis development.

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