Identifying critical areas, pushing the limits of use, better targeting physical tests, substituting materials, redesigning, limiting post-realization modifications: the solution will be based on iterations that our teams will accelerate by numerically reproducing the mechanical behavior of the product.

Simulation, design, conception, optimization :

Based on the simulations performed, our engineers then work with project managers and product owners to define new designs, specify a new system, and adapt tooling to offer you optimal solutions for improving design and performance while saving costs and reducing development time.

Our specialized engineers provide you with their expertise and sectorial knowledge:

  • From linear static analysis in small deformations to non-linear dynamic analysis in large deformations
  • Numerical representation of experimental mechanical tests (bending, compression, traction, Brazilian test, Wedge splitting test, etc.) to evaluate the behavior of your products and optimize their performance by substituting materials, adding coatings and improving the geometry.
  • Control of mechanical behavior laws: elastic, viscoelastic, viscoplastic, damage …
  • Multiphysics analysis (coupling with CFD …)
  • Fracture mechanics, fatigue and durability studies …
  • Solid knowledge of homogeneous and heterogeneous materials, anisotropic behaviors: metallic materials, ceramics, metals, glasses, polymers and composites …
  • Identification of material properties and parameters of behavior laws from experimental tests.

DAES offers you its expertise in order to help you to obtain the appropriate solutions to your needs

DAES offers you its expertise in order to help you to obtain the appropriate solutions to your needs


Increase throughput and reduce validation loops


Improving products and designs


Development and integration of innovative technologies


Decrease production and maintenance costs


Stand out from the competition


Qualify a new engineering solution

Our expertise is applicable in various fields:

  • Energy:  Verification of the resistance of equipment and welds to shocks, vibrations, earthquakes, design and optimization of handling systems, design of heat transfer systems, development of tools and custom applications, analysis of the conformity of equipment dedicated to nuclear applications to the most common design standards (ASME, DIN, RCC-M, RCC-MRx, DVS, EN-13445, Eurocode, etc.)
  • Medtech: Simulate a stent, implants, single-use medical devices, correlate human movements during product use, optimize the design and use of a cyclotron target…
  • Watchmaking : Shock studies, spring studies (stress minimization, obtaining a target torque, parameterization and optimization, fatigue study, stress relaxation study, wear evaluation), topological optimization at the microtechnical scale, study of deformations during the assembly process, minimization of the weight or thickness of the case, studies of all types of bracelets (traction-torsion, dimensioning of the rods, the clasp, the attachment to the case … ), analysis of the watertightness (limit depth, solicitation of the joint under water and during the assembly)…
  • Mobility : Vibration study of electrical cabinets in the railway industry, study of clip and fastening systems, of valves for automotive components, comparison of mold designs for superplastic forming (thicknesses obtained and cycle times) of titanium parts, simulation of cold forming of metal parts by bending or stamping, of small or large size, to evaluate potential defects (folds, breakage) as well as elastic return.

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