Digitalise the life cycle of medical devices for the benefit of manufacturers, healthcare providers and their patients.

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The stakes

Medical devices are playing an increasingly important role in medicine and patient care. Their rapid development supports the challenges of ambulatory medicine, an aging population, the management of chronic diseases and a certain democratization of access to care. There is a permanent trade-off between cost management, benefit/risk issues, the dissemination of innovation and the desire to improve preventive rather than curative care.

From bandages, to medical imaging, to implantable devices, to revolutionary technologies such as the “artificial heart”, connected objects, and medical robotics, the field of medical devices is taking on a new scope. Players must accelerate the development of new products in compliance with regulatory standards and demonstrate the benefits of their new products. To do this, it is crucial to develop safe, high-quality products that take into account the use that will be made by the patient.

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Our expertise

We support your PLM by integrating simulation and validation of new development methods.
For the regulatory file and associated documentation, our teams take charge of simulation and participate in working groups for design, risk analysis, ergonomic requirements, system specification, preparation of the manufacturing file, monitoring of prototyping, creation of numerical models and updating following clinical or preclinical investigations.
In the research phase: development of mathematical models and numerical methods that also allow correlation with measured data, mathematical and technical analysis of numerical models, development and validation of scientific computing software.
In the design phase: Our teams work in close collaboration with product managers to carry out PoCs, anticipate and simulate future conditions of use, and evaluate the impact of a design change (resistance, comfort, topological optimization, etc.)
In production: simulation of the manufacturing process, validation of the manufacturing process and its repeatability.

simulation protheses jambe daes ansys

DAES’ project culture

#MyPartner #MyExtendedCompany


DAES’ project culture

#MyPartner #MyExtendedCompany


Time to Market

Speed up validation loops


Managing compliance


Expanding the boundaries of creativity


Fulfilling technical commitments.


Making your team succeed

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Our daily projects:

  • Simulation of a stent, implants
  • Development of orthotics
  • Corrélation des mouvements humains en phase d’utilisation du produit orthopédique
  • Simulation of the thermal behavior of superplastic forming molds
  • Deveopment of a simulation tool for dental implants
  • Realization of PoC and assistance in the search for funding
  • Modeling of materials (metals, polymers, elastomers, composites): characterization strategy according to use cases, definition and coordination of tests, data post-processing, digital image correlation with VIC-2D, calibration of material laws with MCalibration or Isight or Excel.
  • PoC of the parametric optimization methodology as an extended simulation tool
  • Non-structural simulations of product performance (insertion, extraction, strength) and sheet metal forming (bending, drawing, deep drawing)
  • Virtual DOE (Design of Experiments) and optimization with Isight. Robustness analysis by taking into account manufacturing tolerances

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