We simulate the entire energy cycle from its production to its decommissioning.

Science, energy and environmental technologies

Across the World, the development of solutions to reduce resource consumption and limit greenhouse gas emissions is intensifying. The energy industry must face these challenges and continually adapt its processes and methods to achieve national and international objectives.

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Simulation applied to energy

DAES supports your product and process design projects: pollution reduction/control, equipment design and analysis, energy optimisation, compliance with efficiency and regulatory requirements.


  • Structural analysis
  • Non-linear and contact modelling
  • Impact and blast
  • Design optimisation, noise and vibration, fatigue
  • Structural/mechanical dynamics and systems analysis
  • Stress and strain analysis
  • Thermal analysis and heat transfer
  • Acoustics
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Meet the challenge of competitiveness while strengthening safety requirements

Numerical simulation, essential to a fast-evolving sector: ITER case study

Our cutting-edge simulation tools and techniques have the dual advantage of responding to the safety and regulatory concerns of the nuclear industry while allowing you to optimise your design projects. We help you to optimize your systems in accordance with current standards.

Together with renowned international partners, we participate in the development of ambitious R&D projects on a broad spectrum of nuclear technologies such as fusion, at the site ITER – Cadarache.


  • Spent fuel cask design
  • Pipe creep and burst analysis
  • Accident simulation, pumps and valves, storage tanks
  • Analysis of fluid and gas transportation systems
  • Welding and residual thermal stress analysis, nuclear waste tanks…

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