Design Thinking Engineering

Doing better and faster is virtuous: customer satisfaction, employee development, contribution to sustainable development...

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Define your digital chain of operations

In addition to connecting tools, international, delocalised or parallel hierarchical teams must succeed together in projects.
These teams must work with their own tools and those of others to reduce development time, secure the prototyping, pre-production or production phases, etc.

These tools do not always talk to each other and the sometimes heterogeneous data is rarely usable without reprocessing. Teams must be doubly vigilant and agile.
They can also choose to be accompanied by DAES teams to support data analysis, to make their toolboxes communicate and to rethink their Design Thinking Engineering: what input/output for simulations, what format, what flexibility is possible, how to limit inconsistencies while preserving a good level of relations between the project players?

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Optimize and speed up using your digital chain of operations

Our specialised engineers support project teams in the analysis of the engineering process, the analysis of the tools used, the benchmarking of market solutions, the drawing up of functional specifications, the development of scripts or apps allowing the transfer of information in the development cycle.

As an extension of systemic engineering thinking, the Design Thinking Engineering approach will also enable teams to explore very easily possible evolutions of their products or systems by quickly and digitally testing new concepts by integrating stakeholders more widely into the digital environment.
More than a simple digitalisation of design processes, it is about intelligence in design modes, to reduce the Time 2 Market while improving products!

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Let’s talk about your project !

DAES offers you its expertise in order to help you to obtain the appropriate solutions to your needs

DAES offers you its expertise in order to help you to obtain the appropriate solutions to your needs


Reduce the design process time and effort


Make data quality reliable at each stage


Development and integration of innovative technologies


Limit the number of loops and iteration cycles


Team focus on high value-added tasks


Qualify a new engineering solution