Hadron/lepton accelerator targets design scientist

Hadron/lepton accelerator targets design scientist

20 May, 2021

    Hadron/lepton accelerator targets design scientist

    20 May, 2021

      We are DAES, Development of Advanced Engineering Solutions, a Swiss dynamic engineering company experienced in complex technical projects and advanced engineering simulations. Our field of expertise is applied in the energy, watches, mobility, and life sciences industries. The company is assigned and involved in several innovative H2020 projects with partners located in Europe.

      Our moto: #Insimulationwetrust

      For its internal R&D and Innovation projects, DAES is recruiting 1 scientist.

      • Tasks are focused on particle interactions studies and simulations on low energy charged beams interaction with targets and beam dumps
      • Strong interactions are necessary with Mechanical and CFD simulations experts in DAES team for optimizing the component interacting with the beam
      • Particle transport and absorption – Shielding
      • On-going European collaborations


      Requirements for job applicants:

      • Applicant is expected to have (or will have in a short time), a doctoral degree (PhD) in a relevant scientific field such as physics, applied mathematics, or related fields
      • Experience with using MC codes of radiation transport such as MCNP, FLUKA, PHITS or Geant4, with some in the low energy domain (<100 MeV)
      • Experiences/interest in radiation protection
      • Skills for individual solving problems
      • Team working skills
      • Very good knowledge of English (written and oral)


      Let’s experiment on an extremely empowering journey with DAES! #insimulationwetrust




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