Internship Humantech simulations

Internship Humantech simulations

04 Mar, 2022

    Internship Humantech simulations

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    04 Mar, 2022


      DAES is an independent engineering and consulting company experienced in complex technical projects and advanced engineering simulations. We are working with clients from energy, watches, automotive, medical devices and sports sectors.

      DAES is a “What you see is what you get style” company: you actively participate in its development and direct access to the Management team.

      You are passionate about technology and simulations? You always wonder how your body works when you are doing physical activities, or how your sports equipment could be improved? Willing to commit yourself to make things happen and to work on highly innovative projects? Join us!



      The aim of the internship is to develop dynamic simulations of human movement for sports and MedTech applications. This internship could be continued onto a PhD at the end of the period.


      You will be integrated in a team of experts and will be able to develop skills in Musculo-skelettal modelling and Finite Element modelling. Combining biomechanical engineering and simulation skills, you will have a role in various projects in different fields (medical devices, healthcare, sports…) which will progressively increase in complexity.


      • Create a bibliography of human back modelling
      • Perform Musculo-skelettal modelling of the human back and trunk (knowledge of OpenSim or AnyBody is required)
      • Perform Finite Element modelling of the human back and trunk (knowledge of Abaqus or Ansys is a plus)
      • Create the link between experimental work performed by biomechanical engineers and the simulated models
      • Search for funding
      • Presentations to the team

      The position can be based in Geneva (CH) or in France.

      • Qualifications
      • OpenSim OR AnyBody (required)
      • Some knowledge of FEA is a plus
      • Strong understanding of human body/sports or medical products interaction
      • Communication skills
      • Fluent in French or English
      • Interest for sports is a plus

      You mandatory have EU citizenship or AELE citizenship (working permit matter)

      Our company is certified Great Place To Work : we believe that trust and authenticity are key factors of success if we want to keep pushing innovation forward.