Musculoskeletal Simulation Engineer

Musculoskeletal Simulation Engineer

24 Mai, 2022

    Musculoskeletal Simulation Engineer

    nous recrutons des ingenieurs
    24 Mai, 2022

      The sports performance simulation team (SPST) is growing to become a virtual test lab of the sports and medtech industries. As part of DAES, an engineering and consulting simulation company based in Geneva (Switzerland), our mission is to support customers in their digital chain transformation and bring innovative simulation tests, while making sure all simulation work we do is predictive of athletes’ perception. Wether it comes from us or from our customers, scientific research is at the heart of our activity, and we envision to continue pushing further our understanding of human motion, human perception, and interactions between the human body and sports/medtech products.

      Who we are looking for
      We are looking for an Engineer willing to work with famous sports brands, and who will use musculoskeletal and/or finite element tools in an autonomous way, while never losing sight of the link between the models and products-athletes performance. While mostly based in Geneva office, the Engineer will go to the customers sports labs when necessary.

      The Engineer should have the following technical skills:
      – Mechanical engineering or Sports Science degree, a PhD is a plus
      – Experience in musculoskeletal modelling with OpenSim (or an equivalent software)
      – Experience in finite element modelling is a plus
      – Communication and presentation skills to frequently update DAES team and customers teams
      – Ability to create new models from scratch
      – Experience in applied research to products is a plus
      – Staying up-to-date with sports/medtech industries, literature review reporting
      – A strong interest for sports is appreciated
      – Fluent in English
      And at least these softskills:
      – Positive-minded
      – Assertiveness

      Our advantages
      Based in Geneva, our customers are spread internationally. Our multiskills etc…
      Small company, proximity with the management, and possibility to make a real difference. Flexible hours allowing 25% home-office. Close to the ‘Lac Léman’ or Annecy, outdoor sports practice is a real lifestyle of people living in this area. Consulting job => we can work with different brands, on different projects => very good work experiences. We are one of the few consulting companies in which employees work in the company’s headquarters and not at the customers, so there is no need to be completely mobile… and we are fun!